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Burglary Insurance


Unfortunately in today's life, crime rates have sharply increased. At every step, there is an exposure to risk - at factories, offices, warehouse, shops etc. Occurrences like housebreaking, dacoit, robbery or burglary of contents at your office, warehouse, shop, industry can bring about a huge financial loss to your business.

Although it is not possible to completely insulate your business from all such occurrences, you can still take necessary safeguards against them.

Scope of Cover

  • Loss or damage to the property insured by theft following upon actual, forcible and violent entry into the premises.
  • Damage to the premises following upon entry as above or any attempt thereat.


Policy provides protection against loss of or damage to insured property due to burglary and housebreaking i.e. theft following upon an actual, forcible and violent entry to or exit from the insured premises and also damage to the premises themselves by burglars such incidents.


In Burglary Policy, the Sum Insured should be fixed on current market prices for stocks. For other items such as furniture, fixture, equipments etc., it can be fixed either on Market Value (i.e. new replacement cost less depreciation) or on Reinstatement Value basis.

You can also opt for our First Loss Policy where the Sum Insured chosen by you is a percentage of the full value of property in respect of stocks of bulk nature, where it is impossible for the entire stocks/contents to be burgled at one time.

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