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We create an environment of shared ideas, shared efforts, and shared responsibilities. Pioneering spirit, Passion for clients, Responsibility, Respect, Integration, Professionalism, Transparency, Indian-ness, Visionary & Lifetime Learning.

Seek and dare to Innovate and change continuously and also help build an atmosphere to encourage the same. Employees are not working with Sejal, they are living in Sejal.

Sejal’s Simple success MANTRA “ Hire good people , hire good technology and you will get good results” After the insurance industry opened up to the private sector, the true potential and excitement of the sector is unfolding. At Sejal insurance we believe, "The greatest risk is not taking one".

We Believe

We at Sejal insurance offers various risk cover risk to individual, family, home, automobiles, business, factories, assets, liabilities. We constantly lookout for new risks to cover, to meet changing customer needs Sejal Insurance Broking Ltd. (SIBL) started operation from 2005 and offers variety of products and insurer to our client to cover their risk very optimistically.

SIBL offers exciting opportunities to learn, contribute and build careers. As a leading name in the fast-paced insurance industry, we are constantly growing and are always in search of bright talent across all levels. The company's philosophy is strongly oriented to developing entrepreneur talent through better environment and independence to work.

Leadership Development To strengthen entrepreneurial capabilities required to operate in a fiercely competitive and dynamic insurance market environment and plan effective succession planning by building futuristic leadership competencies, various initiatives are taken by the Sejal.

Typically, career options with us span core functions such as:
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Branch and Centralised Operations
  • Underwriting & Claims
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Human Resources and Training & Development


SIBL have a performance based culture. Your career progression is determined by your experiences, your interests and the results you deliver.

It is a culture that:
  • Says that we are in one of the noble profession of the world.
  • Gives you room to achieve, to grow and to seek new opportunities.
  • Believes opportunities will come from client needs. All we need to do is be alert as people first and professionals later.
  • Seeks to be the most innovative, the most tenacious in opening new markets and the most creative in developing new products and offering state-of-the-art services to clients around.
  • In the new millennium, takes on e-commerce and technology as high priority, with intensified resources devoted to "the new economy" and internet-based technology.
  • Indeed, our pace and result-orientation defines us in the marketplace. SICL represents sound professional and corporate governance and integrity as a company, where strong parentage is part of the foundation. We look forward to your ideas and rewards out-of-the-box thinking.
  • Along with this simple business philosophy, we manifest a strong sense of work-life balance and encourage our employees to build strong, happy personal lives. After all, we owe our time and energy to our families as well. We strongly believe that after associating with SIBL one’s life must change at least one positive step towards prosperity, peace and joy.
  • We have invested in people, culture, values, training and systems & processes to chart a pioneering course for success. It makes us the ideal organization to grow a career with.
  • Come to Sejal Insurance, build your own road to success.



Is consistently honest, follows through on commitments, stands up for his / her convictions, acts responsibly, takes accountability for his / her actions.

Direction setting:

Communicates a clear vision, implements strategies and plans, manages strategic objectives, controls expenses, holds others accountable for results, achieves objectives with limited resources.

Customer focus:

Gathers information from customers to understand their needs, anticipates customers' challenges, takes action to meet customers' needs, establishes goals with the customer in mind.

SIBL operating style:

Pursues initiatives with energy and urgency, changes course when appropriate, is entrepreneurial, makes timely decisions, is resilient, works effectively under pressure, demonstrates a drive to win, attends to details.

Working across boundaries:

Builds relationships with people in different parts of SIBL, communicates effectively with people at all levels, collaborates with internal and external resources to get the job done.

Change leadership:

Develops creative solutions to address business problems, encourages innovation and original thinking, support risk-taking, monitors progress toward goals, makes persuasive presentations, expresses optimism about the future, balances multiple priorities, learns from mistakes and encourages others to do so.

Business acumen:

Solves problems by addressing root causes, identifies critical information, works toward bottom-line goals, understands current issues facing SIBL, considers the business overall when making decisions.

Talent development:

Hires talented people with diverse skills who are likely to succeed in the SIBL culture. Together we will make a difference…

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